What are corporate courts?

ISDS is a trans-national system of kangaroo courts run by corporate lawyers for the purpose of protecting corporate profits.  They allow foreign corporations to sue national governments and overrule any domestic regulations that reduce their profitability. Some key features of these courts are: They usually meet in secret; Only trans-national corporations can lodge claims, typically... Continue Reading →

Brexit bills – Power grab

  The Queen’s Speech contained a raft of Brexit bills that will determine control of the trade agenda for the foreseeable future, the most important of which is probably the Great Repeal Bill, which will replace European with British law. Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, described it as: “a power grab – a... Continue Reading →

African producers condemn Sainsbury’s betrayal

Sainsbury's plan to stop selling goods that carry the widely respected Fairtrade mark has been roundly condemned by Fairtrade Africa.  The organisation has published an open letter rejecting Sainsbury's proposals as a power grab, aimed at undermining producer autonomy and transferring control to a clique of company bureaucrats.  The full text of Fairtrade Africa's letter... Continue Reading →

CETA imminent

Big trans-national corporations, which failed to achieve their objectives through TTIP are now on the verge of achieving them through the back door, in the form of the CETA treaty. CETA is a TTIP-like treaty between Europe and Canada, which will allow Canadian subsidiaries of major trans-nationals to increase their dominance. Get Global Justice Now's... Continue Reading →

Madrid Demo Report

People from over 400 trade unions and social organizations took part in the protest to demand that the Spanish Government block the free trade deal. Activists filled the streets of Madrid on Saturday to protest the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada. Hundreds marched from Madrid’s largest railway station, Atocha,... Continue Reading →

Massive anti-CETA demo planned for Madrid today

The #StopCETA event will call for non-ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada By Ecologists in Action The state campaign No to TTIP, CETA and TiSA, of which Ecologistas en Acción is part, has convened the #StopCETA demonstration this Saturday, June 3 at 12 o'clock. To demand the... Continue Reading →

Corporate sovereignty used to bully Ukraine, Colombia and Italy for protecting public health and the environment

  Photo: Act Up-Parisby Glyn Moody Corporate sovereignty provisions in investment treaties have become much better known than they were when Techdirt first wrote about them in 2012. Despite that growing awareness, and widespread outrage at the idea that corporations can request secret supra-national tribunals to make awards of hundreds of millions or even billions... Continue Reading →

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