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The government claims it is ‘taking back control’ of trade negotiations. But the British government was the biggest cheerleader in Europe for TTIP and CETA, the damaging mega EU trade deals with the US and Canada. Outside the EU, there are even fewer checks or balances on the British government. MPs have almost no role... Continue Reading →

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GMTAN protests dangerous deals

Members of GMTAN were performing street theatre on Tuesday, to highlight the degree to which corporate interests are influencing post-Brexit trade deals. The British electorate were told during the referendum campaign that Brexit would restore sovereignty to Parliament, but under the present government, it looks set to give us even less democratic control over trade. ... Continue Reading →

British citizens are set to lose the right to sue their government for breaking the law.  Important rights, to seek compensation for violations of workplace, environmental and health protections are all under threat as Britain withdraws from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice under the Government's Great Repeal Bill, according to The Independent newspaper... Continue Reading →

The recent fall-out among Gulf states has led to the postponement of trade talks between the UK and the Gulf Co-operation Council, according to Patrick Wintour in the Guardian.  The quarrel means that their might not even be a body to negotiate with, if the other member states continue their effort to ostracise Qatar.  Meanwhile,... Continue Reading →

Water for sale

The Council for Canadians has published a report, Water for Sale with an accompanying infographic How Trade Agreements Threaten Water, detailing outcomes of ISDS corporate court decisions and explaining how countries can become locked in to irreversible commercialisation of their water supply.  The report calls for "a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights",... Continue Reading →

According to the Francophone website Tout l'Europe, the unlamented TTIP may once again be coming to life.  The treaty, abandoned by France and Germany in October last year, was thought by some to have been dealt a final blow by the election of Donald Trump.  Citing recent remarks by US State Secretary of Commerce Wilbur... Continue Reading →

EFF campaigns for trade democracy

US civil society organisation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is calling on US citizens to write to their representatives in Congress to support a bill that would mandate transparency in US trade deals. The bill, which has been introduced by Congresswoman Debbie Dingwell, would require: release of the proposed text of trade agreements before and... Continue Reading →

Trade workshop report

This weekend, GMTAN visited Partisan, the exciting new activist space in Manchester.  Taking part in POW (Partisan Open Weekend) we had a stall at the community fair on Saturday and held a workshop with Global Justice Now. At the highly successful workshop, we discussed the current state of international trade negotiations and what we can... Continue Reading →

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