Changes to the network

You may have noticed that things have slowed down a lot lately.  We've stopped holding regular monthly meetings, blog posts are not as regular as they were, and you've been getting emails asking you if you still want to be on the mailing list.  It seems a good time to review what's happening with the... Continue Reading →


A member writes…

corporations have pushed governments into feathering conglomerate nests and see small businesses and the self-employed as marginalised, indeed indirectly subjugated to the advantage of the rich

The enclosure of knowledge (2): Big Pharma

A major aim of so-called 'free' trade treaties is to enforce pharmaceutical patents and thus end access to cheap generic medicines. For many in low and medium income countries, this means ending access to medicines altogether. Even for those of us lucky enough to live in a wealthy country like the UK, it can sometimes... Continue Reading →

Coobana workers co-operative

A worker at Coobana banana growing co-operative in Panama shifts, on average, 150 x 30kg loads of bananas per day.  Forty percent of the workforce are women. Marcial Quintero is one such worker, but last week he was speaking in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, to help launch Chorlton's new Fair Trade Zone.  More than sixty people attended... Continue Reading →

Trade Bill Takedown

5th and 6th February saw activists from all around the country gather in London and descend on the Department for International Trade to demand an end to Liam Fox’s Trade Bill power grab. Protesters, including members of War on Want and Global Justice Now, performed a tug of war stunt in front of the Department... Continue Reading →

Protect Public Health

Health Poverty Action, in alliance with the Trade Justice Movement are highlighting the threat to public health arising from undemocratic trade deals in the wake of Brexit and calling on people to write to their MPs.  They identify three big issues: Privatisation: Trade deals often include provisions to progressively open public services to the private... Continue Reading →

Time to drop EPAs

Traidcraft are campaigning to get the Government to drop European style Economic Preference Agreements (EPAs) and give our poorest trading partners a better chance to develop their economies.  EPAs are widely disliked in less developed countries (LDCs) because they are forced to open their markets to cheap European manufactured goods, which prevents them from establishing... Continue Reading →

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