Cocoa calamity

Mars, Nestlé, Mondelez and other big companies are implicated in the illegal destruction of the African rain forest.  Environmental campaigning organisation, Mighty Earth has exposed the scandal in a new report. Ivory Coast and Ghana are the largest cocoa producers.  A recent study of supposedly protected areas in Ivory Coast found almost a third of... Continue Reading →

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Lets liven things up at the Tory conference

We will be at the demonstration and counter-festival outside the Conservative Party conference next month, doing stunts and collecting signatures on our trade democracy petition. Help us Take Back Manchester on Sunday 1 October, outside the Conservative Party conference at Manchester Central Conference Centre.  We’d love for activists from outside Manchester to join us too. ... Continue Reading →

CETA latest

Poland is the latest country to raise an objection to CETA and again, it is the controversial corporate court system that is at the root of the trouble. The compromise ICS system arrived at after mass protests against ISDS involves the appointment of a panel of judges, five from the EU, five from Canada, and... Continue Reading →

Animal Welfare Threat from Trump-TIP

Despite being prohibited from making any formal trade agreements, negotiations  on a US-UK trade deal are already under way and it is likely that one of the biggest threats will be to be UK food and farming standards.  Recent headlines about chlorinated chicken are merely one aspect of a vast gulf between US practices and... Continue Reading →

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Great Repeal Bill – second reading

The Great Repeal Bill, or European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, as it is more formally known, is due for it's second reading in the House of Commons next Thursday (7th September). Described as a "power grab" by Global Justice Now's Nick Dearden, the bill will seek to give the Government a free hand in watering down... Continue Reading →

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Bryan Cave LLP, known as "the world's most innovative law firm", appears to be touting for custom from corporations disgruntled with Britain's withdrawal from Europe.  Maria Gritsenko, one of the company's international arbitration lawyers, has penned a piece for The Global Legal Post arguing that if investors "contend a specific commitment to access the single... Continue Reading →

Africa’s free trade area

Not all international trade treaties are a bad thing, a notable example being Africa's Tripartite Free Trade Area, (FTA) an undertaking which will unite 26 countries, with a population of 632 million in an integrated market without tariff barriers.  The treaty, which was ratified by Uganda earlier this month will unite the continent's three economic... Continue Reading →

GMTAN protests dangerous deals

Members of GMTAN were performing street theatre on Tuesday, to highlight the degree to which corporate interests are influencing post-Brexit trade deals. The British electorate were told during the referendum campaign that Brexit would restore sovereignty to Parliament, but under the present government, it looks set to give us even less democratic control over trade. ... Continue Reading →

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