Green electronics

Greenpeace's new report on electronics names the Dutch company Fairphone as the greenest in the business.  The non-profit, whose mobile phone is available to UK consumers through the Phone Co-op scored a B rating, ahead of its nearest rival Apple, with a B minus. The report focuses on three key areas of design and supply chain... Continue Reading →

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Arms dealers in the trade department

Half of secondees to Liam Fox's Trade Department are from arms traders, according to the Guardian.  Following revelations that over 90% of meetings that the department has with outside bodies are with giant corporations, this is further confirmation of the extent to which the department is under the influence of powerful external interests.  We have... Continue Reading →

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Trade war escalates

A further taste of what it will be like trading with Donald Trump's USA comes with the news that the country is planning to slap another 80% tariff on Bombardier jets, bringing the total tariff to an eye-watering 300%.   The trade war means that a quarter of the 4000 workers employed in Bombardier's Northern Ireland... Continue Reading →

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Resistance to CETA continues

52 organizations including Greenpeace have called on the French government to reject CETA because of the risk it poses to the climate and food standards. Greenpeace and the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) have identified four major food and agriculture issues raised by CETA, including significant risks to the environment, animal welfare and... Continue Reading →

Those pesky puppets keep showing up

They don't know when to quit!  Following the Global Justice Now national activists meeting on the eve of the Tory Party conference, commuters outside Manchester Piccadilly railway station were treated to another puppet show.   This time, activists from Sheffield and Nottingham took part, as David Davis and Liam Fox danced at Trump's orders, while... Continue Reading →

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Conference protest report

Trade justice campaigners joined tens of thousands who protested against British Government policies at the opening of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Sunday. At the opening rally in Castlefield Basin, members of GMTAN and Global Justice Manchester were busy encouraging people to send post cards to the Trade Secretary demanding democratic oversight of... Continue Reading →

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Now is the time for action

Over the past few months we’ve seen trade minister Liam Fox has been cosying up to authoritarian leaders around the world, claiming new trade deals can be the solution to our post-EU problems. Yet current rules allow the government to strike these deals without any public scrutiny or parliamentary oversight. We stopped TTIP – but... Continue Reading →

Cocoa calamity

Mars, Nestlé, Mondelez and other big companies are implicated in the illegal destruction of the African rain forest.  Environmental campaigning organisation, Mighty Earth has exposed the scandal in a new report. Ivory Coast and Ghana are the largest cocoa producers.  A recent study of supposedly protected areas in Ivory Coast found almost a third of... Continue Reading →

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