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Brexit will require that the British Government negotiate a whole new set of trade agreements, not just with the EU, but with countries across the world. Theresa May has made it clear that she wants to do this with as little scrutiny as possible. Greater Manchester Trade Action Network will be campaigning to make sure that she doesn’t get her way and that she makes deals that are in the best interests of ordinary people, not just corporate profits.

Support the UK International Trade and Investment Agreements (Ratification) Bill 2016-17

This is a private members bill which, if passed into law, will ensure that future trade deals receive at least some Parliamentary scrutiny. As a private members bill it has only a small chance of becoming law. However, public pressure could change that.

According to “The Bill has some cross-party support as pressure mounts on the Government to ensure that post-Brexit trade deals do not compromise on democracy and protection of quality and environmental standards. Although some pro-Brexit people may see this as an unnecessary step that would slow down trade deals.”

The next reading of the bill in Parliament has been provisionally set for the 12th May. Please ask you MP to support this bill.

Please also send a message to Geraint Davies, the sponsor of the bill, thanking him and telling him how important you think it is.

You can follow the progress of the bill here.

International development and trade petition

Traidcraft, Fairtrade Foundation and development agencies like Oxfam and Christian Aid are campaigning to promote stronger and more just trading relationships between the UK and developing countries. They explain the issue more fully here.

They are currently collecting signatures for a petition to Liam Fox, the Minister responsible for International Trade, asking him to allow imports from the poorest countries to enter the UK tax-free. You can sign here.

Threats from a Trump trade deal


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