Manchester protests against toxic Trump-TIP trade talks

US-UK trade talks commenced in the UK on Monday, bringing Manchester citizens onto the streets to protest against toxic trade deals.

Outside the DIT offices in Manchester, Donald Trump waves a chlorinated chicken as he demonstrates his dominance over international Trade Minister Liam Fox.

But toxic chickens are not the only threat. Lax regulation of US agribusiness threatens to flood the UK with cheap substandard foods, endangering public health and animal welfare.

The overuse of antibiotics, intensive factory farming and the cultivation of GMOs are all characteristic of US agribusiness, as is the use of herbicides and pesticides banned on this side of the Atlantic.

A brave protester restrains Liam Fox from taking the chlorinated chicken from Trump.

The US is also well known for flooding markets with cheap sub-standard foods and driving small local producers using traditional methods out of business.

Trump is also likely to be pressing for the UK to relax controls on carbon emissions and increased irreversible privatisation.


More on US-UK trade negotiations here.


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