Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Protests Report

Actions took place across Manchester on Saturday, to protest against Sainsbury’s dropping the Fairtrade certification from its tea.  Currently, photos are in from Oxford Road and Wilmslow Road Stores.








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  1. Thanks to those who support various NGOs who turned out and aren’t pictured. It was notable that store managers were wary of the negative images having peaceful protestors outside distributing flyers and getting petitions signed such as the one illustrated which was handed to the manager in Withington.

    Thanks to Cllr. John Leech for his support. Cllr. Angeliki Stogia the Council’s lead on Fairtrade had been invited but apologised saying she had a prior commitment.

    There remain many stores we didn’t get to on the official day of action so if you would like to give up a couple of hours to take on another branch, don’t hold back. If you don’t feel you can commit to that, materials remain downloadable on – you could tweak up the template letter and hand it in as yourself, of print off a couple of the flyers and leave them amongst the offending “FairlyTraded” or in the bottom of a couple of baskets in the stack as a secret shopper.


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