GMTAN protests dangerous deals

Members of GMTAN were performing street theatre on Tuesday, to highlight the degree to which corporate interests are influencing post-Brexit trade deals.

The British electorate were told during the referendum campaign that Brexit would restore sovereignty to Parliament, but under the present government, it looks set to give us even less democratic control over trade.  A recent report has revealed that 90% of consultations carried out by the Department for International Trade are with large corporations.  Wherever corporate interests come into conflict with those of the general public, the corporations have the upper hand.

People demonstrate against politicians having their strings pulled by 'big business' in negotiating post-Brexit trade deals
People demonstrate outside a branch of KPMG in Manchester, United Kingdom, Monday, August 18, 2017. The protest was against politicians having their strings pulled by big business in negotiating post-Brexit trade deals.

Rights in the workplace, environmental protections, public health provision (including NHS, food and safety standards) and privacy on the internet are all under threat.

Our street theatre targeted two of the most active lobbyists, Barclays Bank and the accountants, KPMG.  The tableau represents corporate power pulling the strings of British politicians as they negotiate the trade treaties which will replace our EU membership.


Demand democratic control over international trade treaties

Read more about the protest at The Meteor.

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