Manchester Mayday Celebration

We had our first outing under the new name at this years Mayday celebrations in Manchester.  The march from All Saints to Whitworth Gardens was in defence of the NHS, a cause close to our hearts, given the threat posed by current trade negotiations.

With our stall set up in the Mechanics Institute, the main activities on the day were campaigning against Theresa May’s proposed ‘Henry VIII’ powers and distributing the new ‘focus’ leaflet.

Brexit will involve a massive repeal of European law and its transfer into British law. May is seeking the power to make changes to any of it without reference to Parliament.  We support Global Justice Now‘s demands for a clear and detailed Repeal Bill, giving a timetable for change, ensuring adequate Parliamentary oversight and guaranteeing the preservation of citizens’ rights and environmental standards.  Among those demonstrating support for the campaign was our favourite MEP, Julie Ward (pictured).

Our new leaflet states the campaign focus for the foreseeable future:

  • Negotiations between the UK government and EU countries for new free trade deals
  • Lobbying our MPs to reject CETA
  • Alternative Trade Mandate
  • Fighting for more democracy and justice in the new trade deals

EDIT: In the fast changing world of international trade we are constantly updating the focus of our activities.  Check out the Issues Page for the latest campaigns.

We meet every 4th Wednesday of the month at 7.00pm in the Unison offices, Arena Point, 1 Hunt’s Bank M3 1UN.  Please join us if you want to help defend the environment, working rights, the NHS and other public services.

Or contact:



Facebook: Greater Manchester Trade Action Network



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